Pictures - March Zoom Meeting Topic

Your help is needed

Map of Manfreda Giant Skipper Range

Manfreda Giant Skipper Butterfly

Your help is needed

Map of Manfreda Giant Skipper Butterfly

Monarch Emergence Video by Linda Avitt

Topic: Monday, March 22, 2021, at 7 pm. meeting: Manfreda Conservation Survey: In Search of Rare Species by Marianna T. Wright

Note: there is no live picture of this rare butterfly

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The National Butterfly Center is leading the charge to learn more about Manfreda and the critically imperiled butterfly that needs it to survive. Citizen scientists are needed to help with the first phase of this conservation project, upon which we hope to build a comeback for this rare, native host plant and its "ghost," the Manfreda Giant-Skipper.

Marianna T. Wright-Bio: Marianna T. Wright is a passionate advocate for Texas' natural treasures. As executive director of the National Butterfly Center, she is leading the charge to protect and preserve the creatures and features that make South Texas so special.

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