Pictures-Berry Springs Park -June 19th Field Trip

Berry Springs Park

Berry Springs Park

Berry Springs Park

Berry Springs Park

Berry Springs Park

Monarch Emergence Video by Linda Avitt

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2nd Field Trip this year Austin Butterfly Forum

Austin Butterfly Forum – Field Trip to Berry Springs Park and Preserve – Saturday, June 19 2021. 9am - 12pm Free of charge

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Please join the Austin Butterfly Forum (ABF) for a hike at Berry Springs Park and Preserve (BSPP) near Georgetown on Saturday, June 19, at 9 AM. The specific address is 1801 County Road 152, Georgetown, TX 78626. Use Google Maps or another mapping app for driving directions; the park is approximately 35 minutes from the center of Austin. We’ll meet in the upper/last parking lot of the park (the one near the large picnic pavilion).Since our Zilker Park meeting room is still unavailable, we voted to get together in person for a nature outing. It's been awhile! If you haven’t visited this park you're in for a surprise, and if you know the park you know why we're going: it's a beautiful place for walking and viewing lepidoptera, and wildflowers will be at their peak! We'll search for and identify not only butterflies, but other insects, birds, and wildflowers, too. BSPP is a wildflower and pollinator haven, with many habitat types, including prairie, riparian, and wetlands. About 80 species of butterflies have been recorded for the park. We’ll be watching for butterflies, moths, bees, wasps, beetles, birds, and any other forms of wildlife we might encounter, as well as checking out the local flora (hopefully we’ll have a few plant experts on the trip!). The walking is easy at the park, mostly flat, but the grass can be wet, so water-resistant footwear is recommended. Mosquitoes and chiggers have not been a problem there recently, but that may not be the case now with all the rain. The trip leader, Jack Cochran (702-332-5259), is Covid-19-vaccinated. Since this event is outdoors, masks are optional, but social distancing is recommended for participants who have not been vaccinated. The field trip is scheduled to end about noon, but if anyone wants to stay later, we can, and there are nice picnic tables under the trees to have lunch. Otherwise, bring water and snacks. We’ll watch the weather for rain (will it ever stop?!) and cancel the night before the trip, if necessary, via ABF’s web page ( and Facebook group page.

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